Assam Division

about usJoonktollee Tea Estate

Joonktollee Tea Estate is situated in Barbam, Dibrugarh District of Upper Assam. The total area of the Estate under plantation is 484.60 hectares

It has one of the largest single location modern tea factory of North-East India with an installed capacity of 30 lac kgs. per annum.

The modernization and capacity increase measures undertaken during the previous years, coupled with the installation of captive generators has resulted in an increased production, reduction of costs and ensured quality tea being produced as well.

The estate produced 17.88 lac Kgs. of Made Tea during the financial year 2019-20.

Joonktollee Tea Estate has been accredited with ISO 22000:2005 by SGS, U.K.

about usNilomoni Tea Estate

Nilomoni Tea Estate was acquired by the Company in 2004-05. It is situated at Tinkhong, Dist. Rajgarh, Assam. Total area under Tea Plantation in Nilmoni Tea Estate is approximately 610 acres.

The Estate produced 3,82,081 Kgs. of Tea during the year 2014-15 as against 4,58,295 Kgs. during the Year 2013-14.

about usShreemoni Tea Factory

The company has taken over Shreemoni Tea Factory situated at Tinkhong, Dist. Rajgarh, Assam having a capacity to produce 12 lac kgs. of made tea, during February, 2013.

Thr capacity of the factory has been enhanced upto 17 lacs Kgs. of made Tea per annum during 2014-15.

about usJamirah Tea Estate

Jamirah Tea Estate is situated about 12 Kilometers from Dibrugarh Town near the Dibrugarh University and 3 Kilometers inside the main Assam High Way. Total grant area of the estate is 1250 Acres and the area under tea cultivation in 905 acres. The factory is fully equipped to manufacture 14,00,000 Kgs. The estate produced 7,02,012 Kgs. of Tea during the Financial Year 2014-15 as against 6,72,359 Kgs. produced during the Financial Year 2013-14.

Karnataka Division

about usGoomankhan Estate

The estate is situated at Hirebile, P.O. 577121, Chikmagalur District, Karnataka and produces multiple crops viz. Tea, Coffee, Black Pepper & Areca. Its predominant Crop being Black Tea, has an installed capacity of 8,25,000 Kgs. of Made Tea. The total area of the Estate is 1015 acres of which planted area is 843 acres. The estate produced 7,43,436 Kgs. of Tea during the financial year 2014-2015 as against 6,21,051 Kgs. produced during the financial year 2013-2014.

Goomankhan Estate produces one of the best CTC Teas from South India. It has switched on to manufacture Assam Type (NRC) Teas which has been well received by the market throughout India, more particularly in North Indian pockets.

The liquor characteristics, body and cup of the teas are comparable with any best selling teas from India. Its primary Leaf and Dust grades are always sold at premiums at the weekly auctions held in South Indian Auction Centres.

Goomankhan Tea Factory was accredited with ISO 9001 : 2000 and HACCP Certification by the renowned Det Norske Veritas, Netherlands, during the financial year 2003-04.

Goomankhan has also introduced packet teas under its Brand Name ‘Shree Ganga’ and ‘Golden Camel’  in small poly pouches, to cater to the retail consumers need in branded segment.

Goomankhan Estate has bagged the following awards:-

about usCowcoody Estate

Cowcoody Estate is located in the Western Ghats of South India at 3200 to 4000 Feet above MSL, in Coorg District, Somwarpet, in Karnataka. The Estate is primarily engaged in the cultivation and production of Coffee apart from minor produces comprising of Cardamom, Black Pepper etc. Out of the total coffee production, 80% is Parchment Coffee. All the Parchment Coffees are pulped, naturally fermented and washed under strict supervision to produce a quality product. The high quality product thus produced is further processed at our own state of the art COWCOODY COFFEE CURING WORKS situated at the Estate itself. At the Curing Works, strict supervision is maintained to ensure consistency in the quality of Coffee produced. Our strength lies in pure variety-wise harvest and processing at Estate itself which enables us to maintain and market our quality Coffee all round the year. In addition to normal grades, our premium grades include Arabica Plantation PB BOLD, PB, MNEB and A and Robusta PB BOLD, RKR and AB.

The estate has recently commissioned a pulper plant at a huge cost outlay facilitating better fermenting, acqua washing & other processing techniques to obtain better quality Coffee beans.

The estate has received the 3rd cash prize of $3,000 presented by the Coffee Board on behalf of Illy's Sixth Indian Coffee Quality Prize for Espresso to the best Arabica growers during 2007-08.

The estate was awarded with “CERTIFICATE OF MERIT FOR THE YEAR 2004” at the “FLAVOUR OF INDIA – THE FINE CUP AWARD 2004” instituted by Coffee Board, India.

The estate was amongst the 10 finalist selected for the “3rd India Coffee Quality Prize for expresso” instituted by illy Café, Italy and received a certificate of Merit during 2005-06.

Kerala Division

about usChemoni and Pudukad Estate

The Chemoni Estate & Pudukad Estate are located at Palapilly Post, Trichur District, Kerala and covering total of 2777.60 acres of land.

The estate produced 9,56,209 kgs. of Rubber during the financial year 2011-12. The yield will further go up when the modern high yielding variety clones now under immaturity would start yielding. Centrifuge Latex factory at Chemoni estate has three "ALFA LAVAL" centrifuging plants. EBC & Skim Crepe Processing factory is located at Pudukad Estate.

The estate is also systematically purchasing Ammoniated Field latex from other plantations to manufacture high value centrifuged latex to cater to its established market. All factories have requisite and adequate facilities to treat effluents. The Estates are well managed and labour management relation so far has been cordial. The permanent labour strength of the estate is 610 approximately including staffs & sub-staffs.

The Estate produced 213.78 tons of Coffee during the year 2014-15 in camparision to 180.69 tons is 2013-14.

about usPullikanam Tea Estate

Pullikanam Estate & Kolahalmedu Estate are located at Vagamon Post, Idukki District, Kerala and covering 1101.23 acres of land.

The harvested crop was 4,62,100 kgs. of made Tea during the financial year 2014-15 as against 378150 Kgs. in 2013-14,, which is expected to considerably go up in due course when the massive replanting start yielding. The tea manufactured by the estate has the best quality standards in the region. The estate has its own infrastructural facilities like H.T.Power supply, stand-by Generators, necessary buildings for office, factory, hospitals, Labour Lines, staff Quarters and Bunglow for Managerial Staffs. The permanent labour strength of the estate is 340 approximately including staffs & sub-staffs.

Pullikanam Estatehas bagged The Golden Leaf Award - 2015.

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