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about us147 years ago, on 6th August, 1874 John Elliot Esq. promoted Joonktollee Tea Co. Ltd. to manage the affairs of a small Tea Estate in Upper Assam. That name is today synonymous with premium Black and Green Teas

In 1920’s the Elliot Clan handed over the management and control to the managing agency of Kettlewell Bullen & Co. Ltd. Subsequently, in the year 1954, the House of BANGURS acquired the managing agency and the Company and brought them under their fold. The name of the Company was changed to “JOONKTOLLEE TEA & INDUSTRIES LIMITED” (JTIL). Since then the Company has been under the management of the BANGURS. Over the years, the Company has grown in stature and size and is a leader in producing quality teas and enjoying one of the best Assam CTC Mark in North India.

From a leading mark in the Premium Orthodox teas, the Company, changing with the times, is now regarded as one of the Best Assam CTC mark and does have an unstinted track record of the business with the brand.

To have a large capital base and net worth, two South India based Plantation Companies, viz. The Kalasa Tea Produce Company Limited and Cowcoody Estates Limited were merged with this Company w.e.f. 1st April, 2001. The area of operation of the Company was enlarged and diversified, since apart from tea, the transferor Companies also dealt in other plantation crops, viz., coffee, pepper, cardamom, areca, vanilla etc.

With a view to consolidate the resources of the Company and to carry out the agro base activities more conveniently and advantageously with a larger asset base the Company entered into Scheme of Arrangement w.e.f. 1st October, 2006 under which a subsidiary and six other Companies merged with the Company and certain assets were transferred to other subsidiary Companies.

In the year 2011, the Cochin Plantation Division of The Cochin Malabar Estate And Industries Limited comprising of Chemoni Pudukad Echipara Rubber Estates and Pullikanam & Kolahalamedu Tea Estates were merged with the Company through a Scheme of Arrangement leading to greater efficiency and synergy in plantation division.

The Company has successfully tapped newer growth opportunities through massive replantation programme in all the estates thereby enhancing production.

The Company’s capital of Rs.80,000/- has grown to Rs.414.22 Lacs. The Company had an uninterrupted and consistent dividend paying record for over 60 years until the financial year 2017-18.

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